Measuring Your Grates

How do I properly measure my existing grates?

Measurements are width (side to side) and depth (front to back) it is important to make sure the bars of the grates are in the proper direction. (see the picture below)

Measure from the widest points in both the width and depth and record the measurements.


Measuring for custom grates.

Decide how many grates are needed to cover the grill surface. ( 1 single section or multiple sections)


When measuring for a custom grate keep in mind that if the fit is too tight it can pop out of the grill once heat is applied. ( Due to heat expansion) It is recommended to leave a small amount of space for any expansion that may take place. 


What else to think about before ordering?


PROgrates are made from 3/8" stainless steel, they are heavy! Single grates over a full grill can be a pain to remove, especially when hot, multiple smaller sections are easier to handle and are recommended.


Please examine your grill or grates for any type of special brackets or fitted inserts that would keep PROgrates from properly fitting your grill.

We do not  accept returns on custom made grates. Please double check your measurements.untitled-8.jpg